Date: 15 February 2022

Time: 15.00h - 16.30h CET

With the ability to produce high-quality protein without the need for land, freshwater, or fertilizer, aquaculture is of paramount importance in our food supply. To become sustainable in the near future, aquaculture could be powered by marine renewable energy. Together with Hatch, DMEC organises the online event ‘Powering Sustainable Aquaculture with Marine Energy’ on February 15th.

Towards a sustainable future by linking aquaculture and marine energy

In this event, aquaculture companies and marine energy developers will explore opportunities for powering aquaculture with marine energy. Six marine marine energy technology developers, including ENCORE project partners Oceans of Energy and Teamwork Technology, will pitch their solutions and application for aquaculture in a rapid-fire session. Leading companies from the aquaculture sector will be in the room to join the discussion and draw a plan forward. The outcome of the event will be summarised in a report supported by ENCORE describing challenges and opportunities for both sectors.

Join us online 15 February

Are you a company or organisation in the aquaculture sector, marine energy developer providing solutions, or interested in this industry? Join us online on February 15th from 15.00h - 16.30h (CET) to explore the benefits of powering sustainable aquaculture with marine energy. Register here.

Supported by:

The ENCORE (ENergising Coasts with Offshore Renewable Energy) project receives funding from the Interreg 2SEAS programme 2014-2020 and is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract No 2S08-004.