The Dutch Marine Energy Centre is a not-for-profit service provider to the marine energy sector. In our vision, marine energy will play a significant role in realising a 100% renewable energy supply globally. To achieve this, we aim to:

  • Accelerate technology development, innovation and commercialisation
  • Shorten the time to market for marine energy solutions
  • Promote their export to global markets

We deliver a suite of technical and commercial support to companies covering the entire product development life cycle; from initial product design towards the realisation of national and international commercial projects. This will fast-track technological development plans and growth strategies of high potential companies. Besides that, we build strategic collaborations between technology developers, research institutes, and offshore companies in the Netherlands and internationally to implement joint innovation and demonstration projects.

The Netherlands has a solid position in the global marine energy sector, with high potential technology developers, renowned academic institutes, and test facilities where new technologies are demonstrated. Together with our strong offshore-, maritime- and deltatech sectors, unique concepts are developed where marine energy technologies are integrated into sustainable multiple-business cases.

Several suitable locations where innovative marine energy concepts can be showcased are deployed in the Netherlands. This home market is crucial in order to build a Dutch marine energy sector capable of exporting a unique set of technologies and concepts to international markets.

At DMEC, we contribute to the global energy transition by supporting this emerging and high potential sector. Our commitment to a better world.