DMEC and Navingo establish strategic partnership for upcoming Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference

DMEC and Navingo established a strategic partnership for the upcoming Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference event, which will take place on the 10th and 11th of October in the Rai Convention Centre, Amsterdam. This event draws over 600 exhibitors from around the world, and has 12,000 visitors annually. The partnership underlines the ambition of both organisations to further explore links between the emerging Marine Energy sector and the offshore industry.

At the event, DMEC will host the second edition of the Marine Energy Pavilion. Last year, the pavilion brought together 9 marine energy exhibitors, including technology developers, test facilities, and network organisations. This year, we aim to repeat last year's success and show more Dutch showcase projects, prototypes and innovations.

DMEC works together with the Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) to organise a Marine Energy Event. This side event will be held on the second exhibition day, from 12.30 till 18.00h. Dutch and international speakers will present the state of the art of testing, certification and financing regarding marine energy technologies.

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