Energising Deltas

The Energising Deltas concept combines water safety and management with sustainable energy generation, and builds on world-leading Dutch delta engineering expertise. The concept allows for the generation of sustainable energy on existing infrastructure like dams, levees and storm surge barriers by constructing tidal turbines and salinity gradient technology systems onsite in an integrated way, so the original function of the civil structure remains uncompromised.

The concept was developed for an international market, but has been implemented in the Netherlands as well. The Afsluitdijk and the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier have already been turned into Energising Deltas, and there are plans for implementation at the Grevelingendam and Brouwersdam. The concept will be further applied on the Afsluitdijk, as part of De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk ("the new Afsluitdijk") project.

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