Tidal Bridge

Tidal Bridge BV is an independent company consisting of a collaboration between Strukton International and Dutch Expansion Capital. Together, these companies are developing standard floating elements that, when coupled, can serve both as a bridge and as a tidal energy power plant. One standard element is 100 metres long, 30 metres wide and is mainly a steel structure that can be mounted at the seabed by different kinds of anchoring. To create a bridge or a tidal power plant, the standard elements can be connected to each other. Several kinds of free flow turbines can be mounted on the Tidal Bridge, depending on the situation and environmental circumstances.

The added value of the Tidal Bridge consists of the reduction of installation and maintenance cost and the improvement of the power output.The Tidal Bridge will have an expected reduced installation and maintenance cost of 40-50% compared to turbines which are mounted on the sea floor. This is mainly achieved by the clever concept of using a larger structure to mount multiple turbines on. In addition, because the turbines are placed near the surface where the flow speeds are higher, the power output of the bridge is expected to increase by 10-25% as compared to sea bed-mounted turbines.

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