Arteq Power

Arteq Power is a developer of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems. The concept of their device was originally initiated within Archimedes Solutions, which developed various initiatives in the area of sustainable energy. In 2015, Arteq Power continued the development of their OTEC technology as a separate entity.

Arteq Power's device is called the STeD engine, which generates energy by using large water streams with relatively small temperature gradients. The STeD engine has a simpler design and operation than traditional heat pumps, and has the potential to be more efficient at small temperature differences. The technology can be used in both sea water airconditioning (SWAC) and OTEC systems. The STeD engine is especially suited to remote or island locations for small, local-scale electricity production. The technology could also be used to generate the electricity required to run operations on for instance offshore oil platforms.

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