Deepwater Energy

Deepwater Energy is developing a vertical axis free and forced flow turbine, called the Oryon Watermill. Apart from developing and producing the watermill, Deepwater is also responsible for its deployment and operation and maintenance, together with their strategic partners.

The Oryon Watermill is a vertical axis free flow turbine that is self-starting and bi-directional. The technology can be implemented in different locations because of its three blades that have freely rotating lamellae. This means it can be deployed in rivers, and inshore and offshore locations.

This year, the Oryon Watermill will be deployed in marine energy power plants in Doesburg, the Netherlands, and Bakaa Boto in Suriname. In addition, the technology will be tested further in the yet to be realised Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam. The technology is scheduled to be deployed in three other locations in 2018.

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