Tocardo have been developing their tidal turbines for several years, and their technology has reached commercial maturity. Taking incremental steps, Tocardo have developed several types of turbines, which can be applied in a number of locations, such as under bridges and other civil structures. They are also well-suited for offshore and river deployment.

Four of Tocardo's turbines are installed at our inshore test site on the Afsluitdijk in Den Oever. The first T1 turbine, of about 100 kW, has been in operation there since 2008. In 2015, three others have been placed in an array. These have been in operation for close to two years. Five T2 turbines have been installed in an array in the Easter Scheldt storm surge barrier in Zeeland, which together produce around 1.25 MW - enough energy to supply around 1000 local households. The T2s have also been demonstrated to generate electricity efficiently offshore. One of them was tested at our offshore test site, where it was mounted on the BlueTEC platform.

Tocardo are currently developing their Universal Foundation System (UFS), a semi-submersible U-shaped floating platform able to hold five Tocardo T2 turbines of 2 MW each. It is a fully integrated tidal power solution, which can be deployed in large-scale offshore tidal farms.

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