Water2Energy (NL) and Saunder Energy (UK) recently joined forces in Water Power Turbines BV (WPT). Water2Energy is developing their vertical axis water turbines with a special pitch control system (PiCo) on the rotating foils. Within the WPT collaboration, Saunders will use the PiCo system in their own horizontal axis turbine, the Power Frame. In combination with the energy conversion system that is being developed by Bakker Sliedrecht BV, the turbines equipped with the PiCo system are expected to have up to a 40% higher efficiency than traditional (tidal) free flow turbines.

In future, Water2Energy and Saunder Energy will jointly focus on developing a special version of their turbines for applications in channels and ducts of blue barriers, like the Afsluitdijk and the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier.

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