Ocean Grazer

The Ocean Grazer is a novel ocean energy collection and storage device, designed to extract and store multiple forms of ocean energy. It is currently being developed in a project that is is run by the ENTEG institute of the University of Groningen. Ocean Grazer's core technology is a novel wave energy harvesting and storage device termed the multi-pump, multi-piston power take-off (MP2PTO) system. The MP2PTO system can adapt itself to extract energy in an efficient manner from wave heights varying between 1 and 12 meters and wave periods ranging from 4 to 20 seconds, by using a so-called "floater blanket".

Currently, the project group aims to deliver a solid proof of concept for the core technology of the Ocean Grazer, corresponding to a technology readiness level 4. At the same time, research into the economic, social, legal and environmental feasibility of the device is also performed. All research so far has been performed by the Ocean Grazer team within the University of Groningen.

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