Ocean Grazer

Ocean Grazer B.V. develops hybrid solutions for the offshore renewable energy sector. Our innovations focus on integrating multiple renewable sources together with an on-site storage technology. The company is a spin-off of the University of Groningen (UG), and aims to commercialize the knowledge we generate on offshore renewable energy technologies and their integration within hybrid devices.

The Ocean Grazer is a system that produces controllable renewable energy offshore, integrating our Ocean Battery, Ocean Power and Ocean Foundation technologies into one hybrid device. • Ocean Battery stores energy where it is produced, offshore, balancing supply and demand and reducing the need for transport capacity to bring the energy on land. To store potential energy, the system pumps a working fluid into flexible bladders under pressure from the surrounding seawater and generates power by channeling this through hydro-turbines. • Ocean Power is an innovative wave energy converter that adapts to the incoming wave heights and periods. Sensors communicate in real-time with the intelligent control system, which computes the optimal configuration of densely packed arrays of adaptable hydraulic pumps powered by a floater blanket, to harvest the full potential of each wave. The integration of Ocean Battery with Ocean Power allows for decoupling energy supply from market demand. • Ocean Foundation is a multifunctional base structure for wind turbines that houses Ocean Battery and Ocean Power. It is scalable and modular and can be customized into ‘energy farms’ for almost any location around the globe. The base structure accommodates marine life growth, thereby minimizing disruption to relevant ecosystems.

The short-term goal is to develop and validate Ocean Battery on TRL 4-5. In the first phase, the system will be tested in our laboratory on TRL4 and predictive models and control algorithms for this offshore sustainable storage technology will be developed. Scaling-up and further development of Ocean Battery on TRL5 will take place in the second phase, followed by extensive testing in realistic environmental conditions at sea. Parallel to the development of Ocean Battery, the company will further develop, test and validate Ocean Power in close collaboration with the University of Groningen.

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