Teamwork Technology

Teamwork Technology develops innovative, sustainable concepts into businesses. It is a product developer for a variety of technologies relating to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The company has a long track record in marine energy, having been involved in both Archimedes Wave Swing (AWS) and Tocardo from their inception. Currently, Teamwork is developing a sustainable heat pump, and a wave energy converter, called Symphony.

Teamwork has been developing their Symphony device for several years, and has been successful by taking incremental steps to de-risk their technology. In addition, the device development is supported by both the DMEC Innovation Accelerator programme and the Horizon 2020 WETFEET programme, in which Teamwork collaborates with several partners across Europe. After successful tank tests in Scotland early this year, Teamwork is now working towards a 1:4 scale model of Symphony, which will be assembled and tested later this year.

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