When completed, Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam (TTC-GD) at the ‘Flakkeese Spuisluis‘ in the Grevelingendam will provide developers of tidal energy technologies with the means to test, certify and showcase their products in fully operational tidal contexts. The centre will feature three test channels into which turbines, mills and their components may be tested, certified and demonstrated. The set-up is suited for monitoring the impact of tidal energy facilities on morphology, tidal flow patterns, environmental impact and a host of other variables.

In addition, TTC-GD will purchase and operate four demonstration turbines that will serve as a tidal energy showcase. These turbines will also be available to research institutes and universities for independent research.

TTC-GD will be able to facilitate tidal technologies ranging between TRL 4 and 8, and intends to become a fully equipped centre for certification. In addition to providing tests in operational tidal conditions, the test facility will also facilitate use of either existing or custom-made numerical models.

More about Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam (Dutch)

Inshore Grevelingendam site

General characteristics

  • Suitable for demonstration tests
  • Model size range: 10.4 m x 5.75 m.
  • Dimensions: The three channels each have a different width of 3.2 m, 6.8 m and 10.4 m.
  • Max. tidal range: 3 m.
  • Max flow speeds: 7 m/s at depths of 3.2 m, 4 m/s at depths of 5.75 m.