Marine energy provides a vast potential for supply contractors, offshore energy companies, utility operators as well as remote applications. For the majority of applications, the energy generated from waves, tidal streams or different levels of either salinity or temperature is complementary to other offshore energy sources. Moreover, additional benefits range from being predictable well in advance to being always available providing a constant power supply to offshore equipment offers collaboration opportunities with the oil & gas industries. The production of offshore hydrogen transforms renewable energy into a green energy carrier that can be used for chemical industry, as a fuel or stored and converted back into electricity. And finally, the co-location with offshore wind can not only increase the amount of energy harvested from marine space but also increase the capacity factor of cables and subsequently the base load of offshore renewable energy parks.

To realise solutions for all these applications, DMEC is accelerating marine energy development in Europe and beyond. Our activities are focussing on managing technical innovation challenges, maturing investment readiness, exploring new markets and securing policy support. To offer broad expertise, our team collaborates with a large network of research institutes, test sites and engineering consultancies. In addition, we assist corporates in understanding the strategic position marine energy can have in their business, gain access to the key public and private actors in the sector and become a key player in the market. All these activities are bundled together in our Corporate Partnership Program.

Corporate Partnership Program

Within our Corporate Partnership Program, we enable companies to integrate marine energy in their business strategy by offering services including:

Market entry to the sector

We provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Engage with the Marine Energy Community
  • Work together with marine energy technology developers and corporations
  • Connect to offshore renewable testing facilities and public sector actors
  • Get invited to marine energy events throughout the year

Deepdive/feasibility study

We use our extensive expertise in the sector to:

  • Assess marine energy resources and identify locations for marine energy parks in a specific region
  • Analyse marine energy electricity output, economics and spatial planning
  • Develop specialized market use case (oil&gas, aquaculture, islands)
  • Identify top performing marine energy developers

Visibility building

We make our network available to you to:

  • Communicate your company’s marine energy strategy
  • Release joint press statements and news posts
  • Communicate about your company’s involvement within the sector in our media outreach
  • Provide you with speaking opportunities at leading sector events

Get in touch

For more information about the Corporate Partnership Program or to learn more about engagement opportunities with the marine energy sector please contact Yuki Esser or Koen Donkers.