DMEC Innovation Accelerator

The Innovation Accelerator programme is designed, developed and implemented by DMEC and aims to accelerate the development and deployment of new Dutch marine energy technologies.

In the project, several technology developers are supported to develop their technologies and build a case for investment at the same time. By providing both technical and commercial services, we support the Dutch sector to bring new innovations to the market. We work closely together with universities and knowledge institutes to be able to provide the best available expertise to the developers.

By combining technological development with the unique knowledge and skill sets of the research institutes, several potential hurdles to implementation are identified and solved in the (early) R&D stage. In this way, the specific knowledge and know-how of the institutes is valorised and brought to market in the form of concrete implementation tools. Within the consortium, four tool packages are being developed through collaborations between technology developers and knowledge institutes. One focuses on the identification and mitigation of environmental effects of marine energy technologies. In addition, work is done on the modelling of the hydrodynamics around tidal energy installations. A third tool helps plan operation & maintenance activities, and a final tool helps guide technological development by outlining a user-driven innovation process. More information about these tools, and how they support technology development, can be found in the factsheets below:

The Innovation Accelerator includes a dedicated start-up coaching programme as well, where four early stage developers are coached through the first technology development stages.

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