Ocean Energy Scale-Up Alliance (OESA)

The Ocean Energy Scale-Up Alliance (OESA) unites the ocean energy sector in North Sea Region (NSR) and implements an innovative Pilot Accelerator Programme, thereby contributing to the accelerated greening of the region.

Deployment of ocean energy pilots The mission of the OESA project is to connect the ocean energy sector by developing an integrated (i.e. commercial and technical) service offer to accelerate the scale-up of ocean energy technology companies.

The support delivered by OESA has as primary goal to increase the deployment of ocean energy pilots generating clean and renewable ocean energy, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Within OESA, 8 service partners work together to integrate their individual technical and commercial services in a new Scale-up Service Offer. The partners jointly explore how individual services are offered in the 5 different regions (current situation) and how these services can be combined, improved, and jointly delivered (new situation). The 5 pilots joining the Pilot Accelerator Programme are carefully selected.

All 5 ocean energy technology companies participating within OESA:

  1. show a clear need for transnational support in their transition from demonstration towards larger-scale pilot
  2. have a high impact on CO2 reduction (and renewable energy generation) during and after the project
  3. have high potential for joint delivery of transnational services by the OESA service partners
  4. have transnational implementation plans (e.g. a Dutch developer deploying their pilot in Scotland) to drive collaboration across borders

Project structure OESA will realise the transnational Pilot Accelerator Programme by

  • developing a new Scale-up Service Offer with integrated technical and commercial services
  • accelerating the deployment of five ocean energy pilots and
  • engaging relevant stakeholders to stimulate further growth of the ocean energy sector

Impact by 2021 OESA will deliver high impact to accelerating greening of the North Sea region and will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions on global scale. Moreover, OESA will contribute to: • exploiting an untapped and promising economical feature of the North Sea • greening of the NSR energy system by installing capacity for ocean energy generation • reducing the CO2 emission within the NSR by supporting ocean energy pilots • developing green solutions to improve the access to electricity worldwide • developing ocean energy technologies at a larger scale and increasing competitiveness by making use of lessons learned

An additional 20 MW of Ocean Energy will be deployed within the NSR which leads to a 30% increase of the installed capacity (currently 61 MW is deployed). This will lead to a reduction of 100.000 tonnes of CO2 emission.