Research & Development (R&D) is the crucial first phase in the development of a new innovative product. It leads to a working prototype that is subsequently tested to demonstrate its technical performance.

In order to accelerate the R&D phase and develop robust prototypes, DMEC builds international collaborations between technology developers, large industry players, universities and research institutes. By combining unique expertise of different organisations, we aim to shorten the time to market of new marine energy technologies.

To successfully build international collaborations, developing a jointly owned business case is crucial. DMEC attracts public and private sources of finance to build such joint business cases. We coordinate national and European grant applications to secure public funding. Additionally, we engage our network of financial institutes and private investors to secure private finance.

Reference projects

  1. The DMEC Innovation Accelerator programme, running from 2015 to 2018

  2. We are currently upscaling our national program to an international €6M accelerator. In this accelerator, high potential technology developers are connected to best-available support from international public and private organisations. Developers are intensively coached and receive tailored support packages to advance their technology. In parallel they are supported to build a commercial business case.

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