Robust testing of a technology is essential to demonstrate its feasibility and performance. Besides that, tests are required to demonstrate the viability of a device to potential investors and customers.

DMEC has two test sites at the Afsluitdijk and Marsdiep. For both sites we design and execute technical support packages for marine energy device testing. Our test sites are part of a European-wide testing infrastructure. Therefore, technology developers can receive funding for performing a test at our test sites through the FORESEA and MaRINET2 projects. We facilitate access to other test facilities in the Netherlands as well.

In addition to testing, certification is important to attract potential investors, access commercial project financing, and facilitate export. DMEC coordinates the MET-CERTIFIED project, which aims to accelerate the development of international standards and certification schemes under the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). With our partners IFREMER and EMEC, we offer testing under protocols that comply with IEC certification. As a result, our test reports are independent and globally recognised.

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