Our team

Britta Schaffmeister

With a biological background and more than 13 years of practical experience, I have supported a wide variety of innovation-driven public-private partnerships within the fields of global health, food safety & security, and sustainable marine energy. Over the years I've gained experience in steering the process of strategy and organisational development as well as strategic innovation management and financing within complex multi-stakeholder and multi-cultural environments.

My passion lies in science-based business, aligning excellent research with market needs and societal challenges. Through an energetic and pragmatic approach combined with strong analytical- and people skills, I challenge people to join efforts and deliver hands-on solutions. As the director of DMEC, I am responsible for the strategic positioning of DMEC and the implementation of our strategy in collaboration with our partners.

Justin den Hartog
Head of Operations

With a background in both science and business management, I have a drive to operate on the edge of product and business development. By building strategic partnerships between public and private organisations and developing concrete joint (commercial) projects, I aim to accelerate technology- and product development in the marine energy sector. I am passionate about creating a shared vision between multiple stakeholders and combining strengths to create new business opportunities.

I am responsible for the operations of DMEC, the ongoing projects and the development of new international partnerships and projects.

Iris Hoefnagels
Test Site & Project Manager

My background is in innovation science and management, with a special focus on renewable energy and sustainability. I finished my Bachelor's degree in innovation management in the natural sciences with a dissertation on the collaboration synergies between the Scottish and Dutch marine energy sectors. Shortly afterwards, I joined the DMEC team as a project manager. My passion lies in supporting high-potential, innovative, and sustainable concepts in their development towards successful implementation.

As a project manager at DMEC, I am responsible for our activities and ongoing projects in the Netherlands. Together with Roelof, I also manage our two test sites at the Afsluitdijk, and offshore at Marsdiep. Next to working for DMEC, I am currently also working towards a Master of Science degree in renewable energy and sustainability at the University of Amsterdam.

Roelof Schuitema

From the early beginning of my working life, I have been working in the field of renewable energy. As a young applied physicist, I contributed to the development of the AWS wave energy device together with ECN and Teamwork Technology. From 2000 to 2008 I gained a lot of experience in the field of renewable energy in the built environment. From 2009 onward I joined Teamwork Technology as a product developer.

DMEC gave me the opportunity to become test site manager and project manager to contribute to the realisation of an array of three Tocardo tidal turbines in the Afsluitdijk. At the moment I am part-time ocean energy specialist at DMEC, and working part-time on the development of the Symphony wave power device at Teamwork Technology.

Peter Scheijgrond

Being born and raised in Den Helder close to the sea by navy officer parents, I have always had a strong connection with the marine environment. My interest in marine renewables started during my engineering studies in Scotland in the nineties, where I was inspired by some of the leading marine energy pioneers. Later at Ecofys, over a period of 10 years, I developed the Wave Rotor technology. After the technology was sold to offshore contractor IHC, I started my own company dedicated to supporting the marine energy sector.

Since 2012 I have helped DMEC to develop their test sites, run the EU MaRINET programme, and recently the MET-CERTIFIED project. I am a founding board member of the Dutch Energy from Water Association, EWA, and an active contributor to the IEC committees developing standards and certification schemes for marine energy convertors.

Anton Schaap

Renewable energy has always been my passion. During my Mechanical Engineering studies at the Twente University, I was already working on water pumping wind turbines. At the TU Eindhoven, at Level Energy Technology and at Ecofys I have been working on a variety of renewable techniques: Solar thermal systems, PV systems, heat pumps, energy efficient buildings, water power, deep seawater air conditioning, seaweed cultivation, wind turbines and urban transport. From the late nineties I have worked on the Wave Rotor technology together with Peter.

Within DMEC I am working in the MET-CERTIFIED project as the Convener of the IEC working group PT62600-3 on marine energy standards. This working group develops a new technical specification for wave, tidal and other water current converters for the Measurement of Mechanical Loads.

Daphne Linzell
Office Manager

I became part of the DMEC crew while working for Teamwork Technology, where I started in 1997. Teamwork Technology develops innovative concepts with a focus on renewable energy, and the main project at the time was a system that generates energy from ocean waves. Creating by doing was the motto and times were hectic. I learned how to roll with the punches and realised how important it is to have a good team and network.

DMEC is all about that: Making things happen by joining forces and working together. The team consists of an active bunch of people that are always in motion - just like marine energy. My role is to assist my collegues in doing what they're best at.