Marine energy offers solutions for baseload energy, providing offshore platforms with predictable and reliable renewable energy. Moreover, one of the greatest challenges for marine users is the costs and availability of vessels and crews, as well as difficult and dangerous weather and sea state conditions. These factors have led to tremendous growth in the use of unmanned vehicles and sensors to patrol the ocean and collect data with limited or no human interaction. Marine energy solutions can be integrated in these remote offshore applications, smartly combining renewable energy generation with energy storage capacity.

What we offer

We have designed several integrated use-cases of offshore platform electrification and repurposing using leading offshore renewable energy innovations. The utilisation of our MultiORE tool helps to establish the business cases of these designs, while the LCA model assists in assessing the carbon and material balances of those electrification and repurposing activities.

For more information, please contact Ewa Spiesz or Koen Donkers.